Time Management Tips for Students

Time management is the key to success for students. Being able to budget time, prioritize, and plan ahead are skills that will help you to stay on top of academic work while making time for other responsibilities and activities. With part-time jobs, test preparation, academics, extracurricular activities, and a social life, it’s no wonder many students feel overwhelmed. Developing strong time management skills will help to bring everything under control.

Keeping a daily to-do list can be a great starting point for students who want to get a better handle on their time. Once you have written down everything that needs to be done, go back and prioritize each item on a scale of one to five. Ones are things that must be done right now, fives are things that have no urgency, and everything else falls somewhere in between. Make a goal to cross off all of the ones, twos, and threes by the end of the day, or whatever makes sense for your schedule and list.

Strategically breaking down school assignments, like a large paper, is a skill that can translate to other things as well. Break down your study time into manageable blocks of time well in advance and you won’t be scrambling the night before a big test. For high school students, breaking down your college search process into steps and you’ll be much less stressed senior year. Forming good habits early on will help carry you through college and beyond.

Preparation is critical to good time management and keeping track of your schedule is where it all begins. Find a method that works for you, whether it’s your online calendar or your day planner. Get in the habit of writing down assignments and checking them off. Break assignments down as you receive them and don’t be afraid to ask a parent, teacher, or mentor for help and advice if you feel overwhelmed. These people are often more than happy to offer their tips and support.

Setting aside a specific time of day for studying is another method that will help build good time management skills. For some students, studying immediately after school allows them to enjoy the rest of the evening and feel relaxed. For others, a few hours after dinner is the practical time to devote to work. Whichever time block makes sense, consistency will help you build a schedule that works for you.

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