Top Ten Must Haves for the Business School Newbie

If you have recently been accepted into a business program or are still trying for a spot at a school of business, you may have realized the extent to which electronics are needed. Not only do most business programs officially require laptop computers and advanced calculators, many make life without a smart phone or other devices nearly impossible. These ten gadgets will certainly improve your day to day affairs as a student of business.

1. EPOS Digital Pen

This is the new, more convenient type of USB flash drive. The handy tool combines digital pen with USB flash drive to create a writing tool that records trace movements into the USB flash drive, freeing you from the hassle of keeping track of paper notes.

2.Apple  iPod

Okay, so most current students and prospective students already possess an iPod or some other type of mp3 player. If you don’t, you really ought to consider investing in one. Not only can the music you download to it provide you a relaxing reprieve from your studies, classical music can actually improve your study sessions! This is only a good edition if you are committed to a mobile platform other than Apple or a provider other than AT&T. If not, then just spend a little more for the new iPhone 4.

3. HP OfficeJet all-in-one printer, fax, scanner, copier

As a business student, chances are you’ll be writing a number of papers. There is also a good chance you’ll need a scanner and copier in many situations, perhaps even a fax machine. The HP OfficeJet all-in-one printer, fax, scanner, copier is convenient, reliable and easy to store in even the tiniest of dorm rooms. Models are updated frequently, but look for one with Wi-Fi to make things even easier to connect to your network.

4. Kindle 2

Amazon’s newest version of the Kindle is great for those who love to read, or simply have a huge load of readings for college. It is easy to use and offers super fast internet access. Users can choose from a collection of over 400,000 books, newspapers and magazines and the online Kindle store. Best of all, the device’s ability to hold 1,500 books at once is definitely appealing for the business student, given how difficult it is to find storage space in dorms and college apartments. MBA students can use the available library to help them with test preparation on the go, without the hassle of carrying their hardback books along.

5. RIM Blackberry Presenter

If you own a Blackberry Smartphone, you should consider investing in the new RIM Blackberry Presenter. This gadget connects to the Blackberry Smartphone through Bluetooth and hooks up to monitors and projectors. It can be used to present PowerPoint presentations straight from the Smartphone.

6. Apple iPad

This revolutionary device bridges the gap between laptop and smart phone. The mix of both allows students to consume massive amounts of media and information in interactive new ways. Companies are continually coming out with new ways for students to interact with this device and their software. Things like games, movies, books, music, test prep materials, courses and communication are now not only portable, but easily viewable.

7. PowerSquid

Dorm rooms and college apartments often lack the number of outlets required to charge various types of gadgets. The PowerSquid solves this dilemma by providing several extra places to plug in a variety of devices. The power strip is also environmentally friendly-students tend to forget to unplug gadgets when heading out for the day, but the PowerSquid allows you to turn off everything at once and therefore save a great deal of energy.

8. Light Touch Projector

Like the Blackberry Presenter, the Light Touch Projector connects via Bluetooth and is useful for presentations. The Light Touch Projector is unique in that it projects a touch screen to any surface, which means that you can use it to connect to social networks and other applications. Additionally, the Light Touch Projector can connect to the internet using Wi-Fi, an ability that proves handy for those who lack access to Bluetooth.

9. Magnadyne Multi-use Car Charger

Many college students do not have access to car while on campus, but for those who do, a multi-use car charger can be a life saver. Magnadyne’s version lets you hook up four devices at once. This gadget is very useful for college commuters, especially those who balance their class load with a full time job.

10. Apple iPhone 4

The yearly reboot of the ever prominent and market dominating iPhone. Updated hardware includes dual front and rear facing cameras, 960×640 display resolution, better antenna integration for less dropped calls and significantly increased battery time over previous models. Load this phone up with all of the educational apps that you need to make test prep and studying much easier.

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