SAT Essay Tips and Tricks

The SAT essay section is part of the SAT writing section that is scored on a scale of 200 to 800 points. The writing section, added to the test in 2005, also includes 49 multiple choice questions that make up 70 percent of the writing score. Students have 35 minutes to complete the multiple choice questions.

Students then have 25 minutes to complete the SAT essay section. The essay will make up 30 percent of the total writing score. On test day, the essay section will provide each student with a prompt that asks them to write a short essay providing a point of view on an issue.

Writing skills are much more important than having prior knowledge about the issue in the prompt. It is important to use proper spelling and grammar throughout the essay and go back and check your work before turning in the test. This part of the SAT also tests how well students can put together a coherent argument and plan out their essay within the required time. Be sure to take the time to write an engaging opening and solid conclusion.

To prepare for the SAT essay section, it is important for students to get comfortable with the type of essay they will need to write for the test. SAT test prep should include plenty of online practice tests and time spent writing similar essays. Reading sample prompts during online test prep sessions will also help you to stay calm and work effectively on test day. When you take practice tests, always set a timer or keep track of your time so that you will know how long it takes you to complete an essay. This will help you to manage your time during the essay section of the SAT.

The SAT essay section is graded by two readers who are provided with detailed criteria for the essay. Each reader independently scores each essay on a scale of one to six. This system has proved an effective way to score the SAT essay section. Studies by the College Board have shown that the readers rank the essay within one point of each other 98% of the time. If there is discrepancy between the first two readers’ scores, a third reader will read and score the essay.

Preparing for the SAT essay section through online test prep and practice essays will help you to do your best work on test day. The ability to write an interesting and coherent short essay is a skill that will be important throughout the college application process and during your college years.

Helicopter Parenting

Helicopter parenting is a term that is used to describe parents who are so closely involved in their child’s life that they seem to hover around them like a helicopter. Often this is taken to the extreme when a child’s academics are at stake. While there is nothing wrong with parents taking an interest in their children’s lives, schoolwork, and activities, helicopter parents often take this interest to the extreme to the point that it becomes detrimental to the child.
SAT preparations and the college application process can be particularly trying times for helicopter parents and their children. A helicopter parent may attempt to oversee their child’s SAT test prep and college applications, pushing them to excel at all costs and on the parent’s schedule. Often, this is detrimental to the child who may feel discouraged with their parent’s expectations and stifled by the pressure.

For students, having a helicopter parent can be frustrating, especially during the years when they are faced with some of their first important adult decisions. While parents should encourage their high school student to dedicate time to SAT test prep, practice tests, and time to applying for colleges, it is important that these decisions are made with the child and not for the child. This is the time that high school students should be learning to take charge of their responsibilities and plan their own schedules.

The best thing that a parent can do for their child during SAT prep and the college application process is to prepare them for independence. This means taking an active interest while allowing them the space to step up and take responsibility. This will help them to form the skills that will allow them to function after leaving home, perform well in college, and make good decisions. Often encouraging independence means allowing your student to make decisions with your guidance, not making decisions for them.

Children of helicopter parents can easily feel lost in college and out on their own. They may feel a lack of self-sufficiency and unable to make good decisions without parental approval and involvement. Parents can prevent these things by empowering their child to learn and grow, getting comfortable with making decisions that are right for them. Taking a step back can be a critical step in your child’s success.

Paying for College: What You Need to Know

Paying for college can be challenging, but there are many options available to help. It is important to start thinking about it early and develop a plan for how you will pay for a college education. If a parent or other relative will be helping to fund your college education, it is important to have a conversation with them about how much they are prepared to contribute. For students who will be paying their own way, there are several options to make this more manageable.

For many high school students, a part-time job can be a great way to save money for college. Weekends, after-school hours, and school breaks all provide a great opportunity to gain some work experience and make money to put away for college. The summer months provide the perfect time to work more hours and save. Be sure to plan a realistic work schedule during the school year that will allow you to earn money while also keeping up with your academic schedule.

Scholarships and grants are a great way to pay for college. By beginning the process early, you will have time to apply to the many scholarships available both nationally and locally. Websites such as Fastweb are a great resource to find scholarships that match your profile. It is also important to seek out local resources in your community. Many high school guidance offices will be able to help guide you through the application process and recommend good sources of financial assistance.

Completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will let you know if you qualify to federal grants or loans to help pay for college. Once you are accepted to a college, you will also be able to weigh the financial aid options available from that institution. Most schools offer both merit-based and need-based financial aid for incoming students. The Federal Work Study program is another resource available to students. Through this program, students earn a set amount of funding by working a part-time job, typically in a department on campus, while going to school.

There are many resources available to help students pay for their education. By exploring options, planning ahead, and getting applications in on time, students can devise a good strategy to pay for college.

Prepping for the SAT in San Diego, CA

There are many options available to high school students who are preparing for the SAT in San Diego, California. All high school students want to do the best that they can on their SAT and test prep is essential to making that happen. San Diego tutoring programs and test prep programs offer great ways for students to study the material for the SAT, familiarize themselves with the sections of the test and take practice tests before they face the SAT.

It is best to begin your test prep program early in order to get the most out of any program and feel in control of your study schedule. Many students choose to begin preparing for the SAT and finding a San Diego tutor during the summer when they will have less hectic academic schedules and be able to focus almost exclusively on the SAT. Other students find that preparing after school and on weekends provides plenty of time for test prep.

Finding a local San Diego tutor can be a great first step in the SAT prep process. One on one tutoring will give high school students the individualized attention that can help them to best prepare for test day. A trained tutor will help students to identify their challenge areas on the test, work at their own pace, and develop a comprehensive study schedule and SAT strategy. San Diego tutoring centers are prepared to help students select the San Diego test prep program that is the best match for their schedule and goals. Some high schools will also provide students with resources to find the best test prep programs and tutoring to meet their needs.

An online San Diego test prep program will give students the flexibility to complete the SAT prep program on their own schedule. This is a great option for busy students who might struggle to find time for an SAT prep class or a schedule of tutoring sessions. B Line Test Prep is one San Diego test prep company that provides test prep services 24 hours a day to accommodate any student’s schedule.

With a little research, San Diego high school students will have no trouble finding a test prep program that is suited to their schedule as they prepare to take the SAT. Focus, organization, and preparation will help students reach test day prepared, calm, and ready to do their best work.

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