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Online Cramming Tips For The Sat

You know the SAT test is coming up, you have done the free SAT prep class, but you just don’t seem to feel confident in your knowledge. It could be nerve wracking to take the SAT for some people! If it is getting close to test day and you know that you don’t have much more time to study, there are some things that you can do to cram for the test in an hour.

Review what you learned in your free SAT course.

There was probably a lot of information that you can recall from your SAT course. Perhaps there were some areas of study that you did better at than others. As you review what you learned during your class, you can pick out the things that you struggled with. The areas of study that you were really good at during the course are probably things that you will not need to cram with. The areas that were more difficult for you are things that you should make sure to go over one more time before you take the test.

Make sure you understand the basics.

If you are a little uncomfortable with the math section of the SAT test, make sure that you know the basic formulas that will help you. When you are cramming for a test, it is less effective to take a lot of your time trying to perfect one thing. As long as you can feel confident in the basics of many problems, you are more likely to be able to come up with the correct answer as you take the test. This does not just pertain to math, but to all areas of the SAT test.


Because you only have a short amount of time, it will not benefit you at all to get frantic and nervous. Even if you do have some nervous feelings, do some breathing exercises to calm yourself down. Sometimes you will not be able to think clearly if you are uptight and stressed out. Your brain will spin and you will just go around in circles trying to get everything filed away in your mind. Just relax and make sure to tell yourself that you do not have to be perfect. Doing your best and studying as much as you can in that hour is all that you can do. It does not help to freak out!

If you get frustrated, move on!

You might come across a bit of information that you just get stuck on. You may try a few different approaches, but just can’t get it! This can get frustrating, but you need to be smart and just move on with Sat Test. Spending too much time on something that you can’t figure out will only frustrate you further. It will also take up all of the time that you could have used studying something that you could have figured out. Realize that there are just some questions on the test that you will get wrong. While you should not just accept that for everything, it’s okay to assure yourself that a perfect score is rare!

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