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Help your students increase their SAT scores and enhance your school’s SAT preparation offerings in cooperation with B Line Test Prep. Our interactive web-based SAT courses, created by industry professionals, are absolutely free for schools and students.



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What our students say

The video explanations of the answers helped me more than the group tutoring I have been getting.
- Roger S. Cambridge, MA
I really liked being able to review for my test on my own schedule, not someone else's schedule.
- Mary V. Petaluma, CA
The feedback not only helped me understand why I was getting a question wrong, but also how to correct it.
- Ryan G. San Diego, CA
The practice section went through every single problem and solution systematically. The problems were accurate to the ones that you would find on the test.
- Bryan P. Ogunquit, ME



After we create your school's FREE and personalized course, your students have the ability to communicate and participate in course based discussions with other students, counselors or instructors in the program.


Easily sign up and manage an unlimited number of students. Assign an instructor or counselor that can access testing scores and records to chart overall progress.


Our online courses do not require any special software, licensing fees or fees of any kind from schools. All course material is web based and requires only a normal web browser and a set of speakers or headphones.


  • 8 full-length timed practice tests
    Give students all the preparation they need to sit for the real SAT.
  • Remembers where they left off
    So students can pause and resume as their schedules permit, without missing a beat.
  • Review sections
    With instant feedback after every question let students identify areas of weakness early on, without having to sit through an entire test.
  • Article library
    Written by industry professionals to share test-taking strategies, college admissions, loan tips, scholarship information and more to help students succeed.
  • Animated, narrated feedback
    Helps students absorb concepts they may have missed the first time around. Students can see and hear exactly how to arrive at the correct answer step by step.

B Line Test Prep's courses were designed to address some common issues that today's school's face in preparing students for the SAT such as:

It takes hours to administer just one practice timed SAT test to students - not to mention the many hours of teachers’ time it requires to grade those tests. Your school’s schedule may not even be able to accommodate a long enough block of time.

B Line Test Prep gives every student the opportunity to take up to eight timed practice tests -- with instant scores shown at the end -- as his or her schedule permits, whether at home or at school.

It’s impossible for any teacher to provide each student with hours of one-on-one instruction. If a student doesn’t ask for help right away when they struggle with a concept, he or she can quickly fall behind.

Students get instant video and audio feedback after every question in B-Line’s review segments, helping them to recognize and remedy errors quickly.

Students learn at different speeds. In a mixed group, a slow learner doesn’t always get the time he or she needs to fully absorb the material, while a faster learner may get bored and start to tune out.

Each student can move at his or her own pace in B-Line’s online SAT prep course. A student can replay a section as many times as necessary when he/she feels stuck, or breeze through mastered material.

It’s hard for a teacher to keep track of each student’s strengths and weaknesses, and to know how much SAT preparation each student has completed so far.

B-Line provides teachers with tracking tool so they can see in real-time what content each student has completed, along with each student’s review quiz and practice timed test scores. Teachers can spend the time they saved manually grading SAT prep materials to reach out to students who appear to be struggling.

Some schools lack the time and/or funding to provide much or any SAT preparation to their students.

Since B-Line's courses are free and accessible from any computer with internet access, every school can now connect students with professionally-produced SAT test prep written by some of the nation's top tutors.

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