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Are you worried you will make the wrong decision when it comes to helping your child prepare for the SAT? Not sure how much money to invest?

With B Line Online Test Prep and the courses our top tutors have created, your child can get prepared, feel prepared and do it on their schedule… All for FREE!



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What our students say

The video explanations of the answers helped me more than the group tutoring I have been getting.
- Roger S. Cambridge, MA
I really liked being able to review for my test on my own schedule, not someone else's schedule.
- Mary V. Petaluma, CA
The feedback not only helped me understand why I was getting a question wrong, but also how to correct it.
- Ryan G. San Diego, CA
The practice section went through every single problem and solution systematically. The problems were accurate to the ones that you would find on the test.
- Bryan P. Ogunquit, ME


  • 8 full-length timed practice tests
    Give students all the preparation they need to sit for the real SAT.
  • Remembers where they left off
    So students can pause and resume as their schedules permit, without missing a beat.
  • Review sections
    With instant feedback after every question let students identify areas of weakness early on, without having to sit through an entire test.
  • Article library
    Written by industry professionals to share test-taking strategies, college admissions, loan tips, scholarship information and more to help students succeed.
  • Animated, narrated feedback
    Helps students absorb concepts they may have missed the first time around. Students can see and hear exactly how to arrive at the correct answer step by step.

Many SAT Prep Courses can cost thousands of dollars.

Our course is FREE and has been written by some of the top tutors in the nation. We are able to offer our courses for FREE because of the generosity of our sponsors and their passion for giving back to the community.

Shy or introverted students risk being left behind during group SAT classes because they don’t feel comfortable asking for help in front of their peers.

By using B-Line’s online test prep, shy students can avoid embarrassment when asking questions in class or with a tutor by studying online on their own terms. They can master concepts on their own time, replaying content and practicing as often as they need.

Students don’t always know how prepared they are to take the SAT until they actually sit down to take the real test.

In addition to the audio and video feedback provided after every question in review courses, students can watch their improvement through the built-in score and progress tracking tools, helping them know exactly where they stand and building confidence.

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