About Us

B Line Test Prep is offering students preparing to take the SAT multiple advantages over the competition, ALL FOR FREE!

Our self-paced prep courses not only allow students to identify and focus on what questions and key concepts they are struggling with, but also provide the student with intricate steps to solving the question via animated solutions, timed to audio, explained in detail by experienced tutors.

Unlike other test prep programs, B Line Test Prep tutelage is available 24 hours a day without the time and cost restrictions of live online tutorials.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide our students with all of the necessary information, material, resources and services necessary to help them achieve their desired results.

B Line Test Prep will present students with the most up to date, error free information possible, while doing so in a manner that is easy to use and service oriented.

We are committed to providing the necessary environment to foster the mutual respect, professionalism and service that it takes to ensure complete customer, shareholder and stakeholder satisfaction.

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